Wednesday, 15 August 2007


OK I will get back to quilting stuff soon.
I wanted to share a couple of photos of the bears we saw on the way up the Icefields Parkway. These photos were taken by DH as his camera has a better zoom than mine does.
The day before we had talked to a couple of rangers and they had told us the 4 ways to tell a Grizzly from a Black Bear.

1. As the Grizzly digs for its food, it has a hump of mussel on its back near it shoulders.
2. The Grizzly have much longer claw (don't think you can see this in the photos).
3. The Ears are different.
4. The Grizzly has a pointier nose.

I think we were so lucky to see both of the same day, before this the biggest thing I had seen that day was a squirrel.


meggie said...

I think the Grizzly looks the most terrifying!

Kathy Wagner said...

You are so lucky to see these wonderful creatures! We were hoping to spot some bears on our recent vacation, but no such luck for us!

swooze said...

I remember driving to the dump to see black bears! Aren't we crazy going looking for them?? LOL! I bet it was neat though!

Sonnja said...

I love Bear but of fabrick !!
Kind Regards,


Rose Marie said...

Well, either one I would not want to surprise it. You were very lucky to see both the same day!