Wednesday, 8 February 2012

WIP Wednesday - Focus projects

Since my last WIP Wednesday I have completed piecing the blogs for my jungle quilt. This was the main focus as I wanted to free up the design wall. I have now remove it from the design wall and I have to admit that this is were a lot of my quilts become UFO, waiting for me to add the boarders.  For this one I'm am just planning simple black borders to frame the blocks, lets hope it doesn't have to wait too long.
I put the red and white blocks up on the design wall and to my surprise I had miscounted ( a few times) and actually had 32 blocks instead of the 30 I needed. I thought about making 3 more to make it longer but decided I liked the size that it was so will use the extra blocks on the back.  Then the sewing stopped. It took a couple of days to work out why. I am not the biggest red fan and I needed a break from red. The quilt  is still on my design wall and I distracted myself with a couple of smaller projects.
This is one of the things that made me decide that I need a group of focus projects. This is a few projects that I can work on so I don't get stuck, and stop sewing, but still not loss the project in the pile of UFOs.  I decided on having 9 and trust me there are more ready to be added when some of these get finished.
 So here the 9 are including any progress since the last WIP Wednesday post 2 weeks ago

1. Red and While - on design wall
2. Jungle - blocks and sashing sew together
3.Doll quilt - started.
4. Bear stitchery - border added
5. Mouse stitchery- border added
6. Tall stitchery - still stitching
7. Guild BOM - no progress (waiting for borders)
8. Growth chart - no progress (need to finish quilting)
9. Jar table runner - no progress (ready for quilting)

Completed projects - 0
New projects - 1
In progress - 9

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*karendianne. said...

Oh but you know… I sure love those pretty red and white blocks. Yummy.

LynCC said...

I have to work cyclically, too. The big quilts I tend toward just take so much time and intensity that I can't - just can't!! - only work on one at a time from start to finish. I start gagging on them long before the end. I tend to focus on two at a time (one at piecing and one at quilting) until I get them to the next stage, then swap them for another project for a while.

CosmoQuilts said...

Your block quilt with the dark grey borders... Is stunning! What an art piece!

Teresa said...

I love the red and white quilt - yours makes me want to make another. I have two that are redwork but nothing that is a totally pieced red/white. The stitcheries are cute. I am like you, I have many things in progress, but have to pick a few that I work on consistently or it becomes a bit overwhelming.