Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Slow progress

I when to my guild sew day on Saturday, and it was a great day. I didn't get much done, I had LM with me. It was a day out and I was inspired by what other were working on. LM seemed to enjoy all the attention she got too.

I was looking for a project to take to sew day (other than my bunnies) and I spent more time cleaning up the sewing room than anything else. I decided to start fuzzy cutting the center for a baby quilt I planning on making for a friend.

I also started quilting my square quilt. It's one that had been sitting for a while and I had great plans for how I was going to quilt it, but when I saw it I decided that quilted in the ditch and finished would be better than fancy and not started. I am already half finished. Will show picture when I'm done the quilting. Of course I can not find the fabric I knew I have to bind it with, but am sure I have something in the stash that would work.
I had to share this picture of Taz. Do you think hes dreaming of sushi.

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meggie said...

Taz is seeing sushi for sure!!
Enjoy LM while you can. They grow up so quickly, you are left wonderng where they went!!