Friday, 18 January 2008


Were did the week go. It seems like I didn't get much done, I have done a few small things. I finally sewed the lining on the bucket bag, I giving it my SIL for her birthday, must get it in the mail soon.
I also pieced the back for two quilts - nothing fancy, just fabric cut to length then sewn back together. These I took to the quilter this evening. I decided that I would get the Bear Paw and Australia Log cabin long armed quilter, these are only the second and third quilts that I am having done, the first put me off a bit, as it was over a year ago and I still have not gotten it back, but she said I will get it next week, I not going to hold my breath. I may tell you more about this another time. Of course the two from today are going to a different quilter.

I started cutting the fabric for my floral scrapping quilt that I have been planing on making, now as I have not done any floral quilts before, so I am running a little low on floral fabrics. So there was only one thing to do. Go shopping *VBG*

I was at a team building event in the south end of the city, and later I had a dentist appointment, also in the South side of the city, so in the time in between I when to " My Sewing Room", I normally don't go to this store, so it was nice to see some different fabric. I focused on getting small bit of floral, you can see these in the front of the photo.

The fabric at the back of the photo I picked up on at the "Fabric Land" store near my work that is closing. I really liked this location, as it was close to work and easy to go to over lunch. most of these are a meter piece, but with the black I just brought what was left on the bolt, some of the clearance prices were really good, but the stock was staring to get picked over. It was defiantly the busiest I have every seen that location.

The humming bird kit I order on line. Now seeing how small the pieces are, it may be a while before I attempted this. I think I will go do some more cutting for the floral quilt.


meggie said...

Some yummy fabrics here!
Good luck with your quilters.
A year seems too long to wait, in my opinion? How disappointing for you.

Andrea said...

I can't believe she has had your quilt for over a year - that is not good business strategy ! Hope you didn't pay upfront ! Love the florals.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh what lovely fabrics! How fun.