Sunday, 6 January 2008

Sewing Room Tour

Well getting new storage, lead me to organizing my entire sewing room. I was surprised by all the place I had managed to shove fabric, I had some I didn't remember having. It will be the first time since we moved into this house a year and a half ago that my sewing stuff is fully organized. I forgot to take before photos, but here are the after photos. The first photo is as you enter the room, you can see the new storage unit on the right, the sitting area, freezer, TV and pantry cupboard.

Here is the new shelving unit, I had a hard time deciding what to get, in the end I head out with the wall measurement and decided to see what I could fine. I think this works well, it fits perfectly and dose not stick out into the room too far, and lots of room to get to the doors. In the clear cub is my fabric stash. I always said that I didn't have a big stash, but I was surprised by how much I have. and look theirs room for more. The fullest bin is full of batiks (I think I may be a little addicted to buying batik fat quarters), the rest is organized by colour. The boxes down the bottom have my strings and scraps. Two are still empty. As you can see I also have room on the top shelve, my magazine don't even take up half. I think this means its time to go shopping *VBG*

Moving around the room there is a little more storage. I have a couple of items under the TV, and a couple of extra sewing machines between the freezer and TV stand. In the pantry cupboard I have some long term UFOs, patterns, kits (undergoing the required aging process) and other crafts. In the small draws there are UFOs. This is the section of wall I am hoping to put a design wall. You can also see the small book shelve where my quilting books live. There is also a spot to put my laptop when I am not using it.

Next is the work corner, first is my sewing desk, this is a desk DH picked up from work, it took two big moving men to get it down the stairs so I think the only way it will get out of the basement it the next time we move, or as firewood. Right next to it I have my iron board. I have a shelve about this, just so I can put things down with out them being in the way of what I am working on. The coffee table can fold up and the love seat can be moved out of the way if I need a larger space to lay things out.

And back by the door is the cutting area. This is just a regular fold up table that I have on some PVC to raise it. I also have a couple more tables that are folded up behind the table, so if required I can put these up. Under the table I have some more storage, there are three bins, one has batting, one is flannel, and the pink one is finished quilts that are currently not on display.

As you can see I may have organized the room, All I need now is to get some stuff on the walls, as this is my sewing room, I will be putting some quilts on display.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my sewing room, now I think I would like to get back to some sewing.


Kristie said...

I love your newly organized sewing room! It is nice to see where other people sew. It also gives me ideas for when we get our new house done, and I have a sewing room just for me!

meggie said...

I wish I had a bit more space to spread out! I have to keep fabric in another room, because of lack of space.
Yours all looks very nice.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

I have to admit to coming back to this post daily and NOT posting. Why? Well because my head is filled with more ideas now.

I love what you've done here and I think I'm all inspired and all out of cash to make it happen!