Sunday, 24 June 2007

Gift & Fritz

This was a quick project I worked on this week. I still need to find some beads to use for eyes. This was a kit I pick up last summer. This is going to be a thank you gift, for helping to build a wall, and door to what is going to be my new quilting room.

My DH and friend build this one weekend when I was away at retreat. In July the carpet will be going in, and then I will move out of the small room I have been using. It should be nice to have a bit more room. With having 4 cats I find the door to be very important, as this way I can leave a project out, with out worrying about it. Max (the cat picture in my profile) likes to pull pins out of things, and spit them on the floor.

Here is one of my other cats Fritz.
I was trying to take her picture for my profile but she was not being helpful. This photo made me laugh.


Andrea said...

Hi - I'm a new blogger too. Less than a month but I'm already addicted - it's really good fun. Looking forward to seeing some of your quilts !

Wendy said...

Welcome to blogging. You'll really find the people very helpful and friendly. I look forward to seeing more of your quilts.

Helen said...

Nice turtles!