Monday, 22 April 2013

Canmore Retreat

Over the weekend was my guild retreat. This year we went to Canmore, so not very far from home, and had a wonderful time. We are planning on going back next year.  I nearly typed weekend, but I think my family may complain if I went away 2 weekends in a row. LOL.

Most of the weekend was overcast with snow Saturday evening, but here is the view from the hotel on Friday.  These are call the Three sisters.
 There was 13 of us this year.  One of the things I love about this group is the variety of projects we work on. After looking at my photo I realized that I tend to only take photos of a few of the projects, I will have to do better next time. Here are a few of the things that people were working on.
There is always someone working on a tiny project, this is too small for me to even think about doing.
These cute "ouch" pin cushion where in some of the door process, ofcorse every one got a door prize, full of goodies.

I did work on a couple of project and will share tomorrow. Every thing is still taking longer on the new computer and I have to run.

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