Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Haven't done any sewing the last couple off weeks, August just got very busy with BBQ and summer time stuff, so haven't been home much.

Here are some of the cat foot prints in the floor of the sewing / storage room, last week the drywall when up so hopefully we get the walls painted soon. was planning on doing it over the weekend but after being out Friday and Saturday didn't feel like doing it Sunday. (I knew we should have done it but that's how things go sometimes)

I was hoping the carpet layers would be in this week but haven't seen them. As soon as that's done I should be make a sewing space. The storage room is done so most of my sewing stuff has been gather and is packed in there as we have house guest coming for a week and needed to clear some space for them. Not sure when but hoping to get some sewing done soon.



julieQ said...

Hope it has all come together...seems like construction takes forever sometimes!!

Meggie said...

Good luck with the new surroundings. Cats are so curious, have to be in everything.