Friday, 12 August 2011

Change of plans

A few years ago during retreat I picked up a jungle fever kit at one of the near by stores, I just loved the fabrics. Since then I have see a few of the kits made up and I did not love the quilt. So my kit sat and sat.

Last week I was looking at blog and saw a pattern I would like to make, my jungle fever fabric would be perfect - the kit is no more. I took the fabrics and cut them up into rectangles and squares, now I just need to find a nurture to go with them.


Shari said...

It's good to do your own thing... looks like you've been having a lovely summer!

Teresa said...

Gosh that is interesting looking fabric - so don't keep us guessing, what is the pattern you are going to use?

ZAVTRAK said...

I had the same question as Teresa.

I've tried quilting before,but I never developed a knack for it. I appreciate others'work because of this.

-When I read the title to this blog, the first thought I had was, "I guess floss isn't just for cleaning the spaces between teeeth..." I don't know much about quilting.