Sunday, 3 October 2010

Working away

Spent Friday afternoon in the sewing room, but can't share very much of it. I was mainly working on Christmas exchange present so I can not post on the blog. I got three small project quilted and two are based ready to go.

On one of Christmas presents I am stuck on how to quilt it but cannot ask for help. I'm sure something will come to me. While I was thinking about it how to quilt that , how to quilt this wall hanging came to mind. I had been stuck on how to quilt it too.
It very simple quilting, I had been thinking of something fancier, but I think I prefer simple when it comes to my quilting. Hopefully I'll be able to finish quilting the last two and get the binding done in the next couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

Bring them to work. I'll help you! :)

Teresa said...

If all fails, the Baptist Fan pattern always looks great.