Sunday, 13 December 2009

Presents & December

Last Monday was my guild Christmas party. we always have this at someones home. One of the girls had recently gotten a long-arm so we picked her house so we could check out her "baby". As always the party was lots of fun and included a gift exchange. We play the game were you pick a present and the next person can pick from the pile of steal you present. We open the presents at the end. This is what I ended up with. The puppy ornament was on the outside of the present and he just called to me. Inside was the lovely hot mat and felt ornament. There was also some peanut brittle but it didn't last to the photo.

December is a very busy month in my house hold, starting with my birthday at the beginning. We quite often keep it low key, with just a nice dinner out and a movie. I just wanted to share these lovely gift I received from my family this year, a couple of Australian fat quarters and this little sewing bag. Both sides are done the same, when you open it up, there is a spot for your little scissors, a spot for needles and a little drawstring bag for any other goodies.
On Friday was LM birthday and Gran sent her this lovely knitted teddy bear. I just love how bright and cheery she is. Don't you just want to give this teddy a hug?
Tomorrow is my first day back at work and LM first day at Daycare. I am stressing over it, I kept trying to tell myself that everything will be fine, but I just can't help it. It's going to still be silly cold. Not the kind of day you want to head out if you don't have to and for the last year I didn't have to, so think I should stay home till its warmer. (Don't think my boss will go for that).
We are hoping next weekend it a lot warmer as would like to try and get picture with Santa and do any last minute Christmas shopping, before we head to Grandma's Christmas eve. I think we have too much packed into December this year, but there not much that we can do, so will just try to enjoy as much as we can.

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*karendianne. said...

Aww, look at that little puppy and the very nice hot mat and felt ornament, too. Love that. Happy birthday to you (late I assume now) but happy birthday regardless. I really like your pretty Australian FQ's and that great sewing bag!!! Fantastic. Oh Floss, look at that sweet teddy bear. Oh I do want to give that teddy a hug.

How did the first day at Daycare go over? Bless you. I can only imagine (not being a mom but having a heart). I hope the photo with Santa goes over well and we can see a photo. ?

Big Hugs my friend, big Huge Hugs, *karendianne.