Tuesday, 21 October 2008

I'm Back

Its been a while since I posted, I came down with a nasty cold/flue thing. It whipped me out for a week, and the following week was spend trying to catch up on sleep as just going to work made me tired. I am feeling much better this week. I am off work this week, I had booked it off to try to start and get organized for when the baby comes. After being sick I thing the timing is perfect to have a more restful week.

Up to this point really had not done much towards when the baby comes. A friend had offered to paint the room for the nursery, I like the colour that is in that room so I asked her if she would mind painting a different room instead. She said yes. So had our fount room painted. Our house has a open concept main level with the kitchen open to the dining and living area, and one other room on that level. Up to now we had use that room as a office and it was painted a light beige. We have move the office stuff to a room in the basement, and will be using the front room as a second sitting room, or some where that baby stuff can go with out filling up the main living area. I was brave and when with a dramatic colour to give this room more life, and I must say my friend did a wonderful job painting it for me. I love the way it turned out. Most of the furniture for this room will be moved from else where in the house, so it still has a bit of work, but I love the colour.

I have done a bit of work on my bunny quilt, so I will have a few blocks to share in the next couple of days.