Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Charm-pack quilt

Woo Hoo, another finish! This is a cot quilt that I made using the left over green and purple from a guild project, a long with a charm pack in the matching line. I am happy with how it turned out. We were having a sew day on Saturday, which I didn't quite make it too, but I did make sure I got some sewing done, so I didn't totally miss out. I just quilted this in the ditch which took no time really, and added the binding, which I sew down last night at our guild meeting.
For the back I did a big 4-patch out of the last of the green and purple fabric.
It feels good to actually be sewing again. I can sit as long as before, but it is nice to feel like I am making some progress.


Andrea said...

Good for you ! Pretty little quilt. I'm hoping for some finishes soon just trying to resist the starts - lol !

Catherine said...

Charm packs are so much fun! I love buying them -- one of those "you can't have too many" sorts of things! LOL

Karen Dianne Lee said...

This is an eye-pleasing quilt. Very cute. You did a great job!