Sunday, 9 September 2007

Gift Given

Haven't done much quilting in the last couple of days. On Saturday when to visit my friend for her birthday. She loved the Red, B&W quilt. She almost cried when I gave it to her. I manage to snap a couple of photos when she was opening it, and you can just see in her face how happy she is. Its so nice when you give something and you can see how happy the person is to receive it.

Spent most of today in the garden, its been a while since it has been weeded. I like having a nice garden, I would prefer is someone else did the work, but no one has offer to do it for free yet. Here is one of the flowers, I should have waited until after I had weeded to take the photo, the weeds in the background are gone now.

I did decide on what I am doing for the guide challenge, draw it up quickly, so I wouldn't forget, and started on it this evening. I won't be
showing any pictures until I show it to the girls at guide. This won't be until December, but know a couple of them read my blog, so don't want to give what I am doing away.

Here is a quilt photo. This quilt I made a couple of years ago, which is currently hanging in the 1/2 bathroom on the main level of the house. I really like the way it looks on the green wall. Yes it
is just as bright in real life as it is in the photo.


mereth said...

That warms the heart when a gift is truly loved, doesn't it? On your little quilt I love the fact that there are two different material for the outer border, nice idea!

JoAnna said...

Your bathroom quilt is beautiful. It does look fabulous on the green wall - perfect colors.

I think that is the first quilt I've ever seen in a bathroom. I live a sheltered life, I guess!

Helen said...

That's a great quilt and Ilove the colour of your walls. I have a bathroom that could do with a quilt in it. We don't use the bath in there and the shower is in another room so it would be a perfect spot.

Rose Marie said...

Lovely quilt and great colour choices. I like the border effect, very different and goes well with your quilt.

Andrea said...

So glad your friend loved her quilt. Makes all the effort seem worthwhile. Love the bathroom quilt.