Monday 20 May 2013

Retreat projects.

Were does the time go.  I had planned on posting the items I worked at retreat later in the week, and before I know it a couple of weeks have past.

Anyway here is what I worked on that weekend.  I started a new project.  there nothing more fun than staring something new. I know some people would say finishing, but if you look around my sewing room I defiantly like starting better. 
 This one will be a wedding gift, but I have lots of time the wedding not until 2014.  I knew that the bride loves green and white so decided to make a modern square in a square quilt using 4 greens, 1 blue and 1 white.  I completed the blocks but think I will put this away for a bit.

I also took a few Farmer wife blocks, I had per cut but this didn't work the best for me as I had made a couple of cutting errors so only finished 2 blocks at retreat.  Once I was home I able quickly finish the cutting I needed and finish 2 more.
I had a mental block on my flower quilt, I think it had sat in the same state for over a year.  I got a block on the applique border. So I was able to add the plain border that goes before the applique one, and then with a little help for one of the ladies get past my metal block and start adding the steams.  Not sure why this was such a block but am happy to be past in now.
I have not done much sewing since I have been back, the last couple of weeks the weather turned nice and I have been busy outside.

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Karen said...

I like starting too! lol. Love your new project, green is my favourite colour. The Farmer's Wife blocks are wonderful.